The program had an interesting evolution. Dick’s grandson, Cory Flower at age 10 was going to Disneyland. At the airport a stretch limo picked him up to take him to the hotel. No one else was waiting for this hotel so he had the limo all to himself with his mother. The driver put cartoons on the DVD. He was so excited that he had to call his grandfather and tell him he was in a limo and watching cartoons on the way to the hotel. He was so excited about the event his excitement has lasted over a year.

Dick, being a car fanatic, remembered the time he had been in a limo, and the special feelings experienced. His experiences with limos and the happiness seen on the children’s faces while playing Santa for kids gave birth to the idea. After dreaming of the opportunities to help critically ill children for over a year, the dream was realized with the organization of Kids in Limos. The grandson that was the impetus for the idea, and now age 12, is in charge of entertainment, beverage, and limo cleanliness. He is also very excited and currently handing out brochures and taking on a primary public relations role.

Individuals and businesses who would like to participate in the program with their time and contributions should contact Dick Flower, 46 Candlewood Drive, Tolland, CT 06084 or telephone (860) 595-6455.